Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Try, try, and try again.

Crumble beneath the invisible wind.

Bleed your knees for all they're worth;
pretend you're well from the outside in.

Fight to stay the waning breath.

Lung, and limb, and no one left.

Remember light in eyes that tried;
jerk awake to loneliness.

Here we fell, in love and pain;

in circumstance; in crippling blame.

Here we breathe the stifling air,
contend too hard for the meager gain.

Try, try, strive to relieve;

captive to the knowledge of free.

This oubliette of darkness immersed;
where you never deserve opportunity.

And the trouble is...
It's the lie you know that becomes your creed,

in the war of real and reality.

Save Us.