My name is Levi Miller.
I am 27 years old, have one extraordinarily beautiful wife, and one equally mesmerizing three month old daughter. Their names are Kellye Rae (hot wife) and Jerusalem Lillian (precious daughter). I process with my mouth, and far too much.  Thus, blogging.

This blog is for the sole purpose of sharing my poetry.  I've been writing most of my life, but the sheer beauty that is meandering ramble (my sister's poetry blog) inspired me to express myself in a more overtly accessible way.

"Tiqvah" is a Hebrew concept, literally translated "hope", that means "Something yearned for, and anticipated eagerly.  Something for which one waits."
I believe that all of life comes down to the unconquerable longing inside every human for what is outside of them completely.  I've found the answer to that longing, but I don't believe it to be as much in the decrease of longing as we might think it is.  Rather, that the ever-increasing longing for the eternity written on your heart becomes the all-consuming purpose for a life lived in benevolence.
There is one love worthy of affection.

I hope that you encounter something of empathy here.  I would feel less egocentric.