Wednesday, August 31, 2011

brave love.

You are an unflinching affection.

I am an outcome,
and the object.

Let there be...
Without confine or concern;
without tyranny or precaution.

With joy.

Setting aside pretense;
I've come to delight in blood.

Congealed light, washed along my eyelids,
spilling over remorse;
running through my veins.

For the joy set before You, there is joy fixed within me.
Flesh wed with spirit;
one now
and forever.

What I once imagined to plague your heart,
I've realized only served its role in Your acclaim.

ALL things new.
ALL, together for the good.
ALL live, and move, and have their being.

You are the bravest heart;
the truest love.

Let there be light; let there be love.
You are an unflinching affection.

You are brave love.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the coming.

I will keep my eyes open.
When the ground trembles and the water rises,
I will refuse to miss the brilliant coming.
Watch and pray,
You who call on the Lord.
Though an army encamp against me,
though war may rise against me,
in this I will be confident.
I look to the hills;
to the horizon,
where my hope comes from.

Behold, beloved...
longing, He rides the sunset.
I will keep my eyes open,
because therein is this joy of mine fulfilled.
I will decrease, You will increase...
therein I am satisfied.
I will keep my eyes open, 
to behold the One I hope in.
I will make for you a resting place.
I will keep my eyes open.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the unique business of serving the flame that taunts your hand to quench it

At the brittle edge of your reality, I breathe in deeply.
You are far from me, 
but I know you like you are me.
Resilient.  Conspicuous. 
You’d give yourself to contrast before your intended purpose.
Fame belongs to the fire who burns alone in the dark.
Dancing violently; competing with your own shadow.
movement declaring independence a thousand words could not contend with...
all without regard for the wick you’re bound to;
without acknowledgement...
...that you are a warmth that belongs to a source,
and you serve a purpose that has little to do with that shadow.

How easily you forget the way your beauty illuminates a room.
How quickly you’re drawn away by a darkness rendered in the light you’ve become.
You are a fire on my skin, just like you are on that wick.
Your nature does not change;
Your aftermath does not concern you...
But I am a fabric that you have not yet set fire;
licking my flesh to tire its resolve.
Defending yourself, you’ve made way for your performance,
but forfeited the beauty of just light;
just existence.
Striving to free your unmanageable form,
you’d burn down this room if it’d prove your point.
You are unprecedented potential; 
made to do more than flicker.
But the splendor of your longing has diminished you in its grandeur;
beautiful fire, fighting to have value.
I would not put you out, no matter how you taunt my flesh.
No matter how you believe it is the inevitable end.
You matter to me...more than you know.
I do not remain here because I have seen you;
but because it is by you that I’ve seen everything else.
It is by you, flame I uphold, 
that I see even myself.
You are my light in my darkness,
not a shadow maker.
You’re a comfort in my silence,
you do more than fight for your life.
And to think...just in your being.
Not in your doing.
This is a unique business, serving you;
and hold you I will,
until you see what you are.