Sunday, July 17, 2011

Convincing Wind

I am a sparrow.

Falling slowly, rising surely...
carried away and moved by boldly changing winds

My way has been made narrow.

Call me lowly, draw me early...
verily I'll come if you will only draw me in

I am a sparrow, and yet flight remains foreign...
if this way is truly narrow, here I falter from my course.

I have this grace and still stay grounded.
For fear of losing my footing, I'll fold away my wings.
My heart would close if You'd ask it to open;
my feet would question the ground they've learned to take hope in.

So what business has a sparrow being here where I am?
Who can I be that You would see me?

But surely...

You've caused me to lay my head down to rest.
I am clean in the roar of Your waterfalls.
It's here I understand that You care about me;
that You are mindful of my frame.

You open these gilded wings in the warmth of Your gentle, and boldly changing wind.

I am a sparrow.
My way has been made narrow.

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