Wednesday, August 31, 2011

brave love.

You are an unflinching affection.

I am an outcome,
and the object.

Let there be...
Without confine or concern;
without tyranny or precaution.

With joy.

Setting aside pretense;
I've come to delight in blood.

Congealed light, washed along my eyelids,
spilling over remorse;
running through my veins.

For the joy set before You, there is joy fixed within me.
Flesh wed with spirit;
one now
and forever.

What I once imagined to plague your heart,
I've realized only served its role in Your acclaim.

ALL things new.
ALL, together for the good.
ALL live, and move, and have their being.

You are the bravest heart;
the truest love.

Let there be light; let there be love.
You are an unflinching affection.

You are brave love.

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