Saturday, May 5, 2012


What admirable will;
pure as the driven snow,
blind as the night is dark.

Exalt yourself follower...

believe in your shallow moment and waning pride
that you have done well.

Build your house on good effort and righteous performance...

Live in your facade, knowing all too deeply
that you haven't ever known.

I've traveled the four winds to discover the discipline of men
is often no more than the social security of the flesh.

Taking parts and pieces here and there...
promising a payout one day for faithfulness.

And so, I am found, guilty with the rest.

Creating a God who is good
somewhere in the mural of my duly rewarded accomplishments;

Making for myself a God I can see,
and bowing at its feet...
all so I can be certain he does, and is, exactly as I need.

But no less, and certainly no more.

Today I forfeit my "faith".


  1. YES!!! can emerge.

  2. Paradox is bitter, to those members of humanity that are capable of longing so deeply as you do.......I understand.