Thursday, September 20, 2012

passing through.

These words move across pavements;
trailing momentum amidst gravity and motion.

Hear me, walls and thresholds..
I am just passing through.

The quiet breath of sole to cement.
Heel to toe, heart to mouth.

The tacit language of soul & lament.
Heal in tow, heart in mouth.

And your flavor settles,
finest wine; fragrant wind.

Body & bouquet put to rest;
Rest upon rest, upon resting again.

The greener the pasture,
the less seeing the sheep.

And we all, like sheep have...

So hear me,
you walls,
you thresholds.

I am a journey not for your keeping.
Time and space outside of your frame.

I am words, moving through pavements;
shadowing momentum through walls and hearts and motion.

Recurring breath of soul through cement.

I am just passing through.

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