Sunday, September 9, 2012

to hope.

Hope is a perilous endeavor;

a precarious business,
wherein the condition of the heart
is the bearer of the weight.

Where the risk is to hope at all.

Hope is the opportunity.

The door to the chalkboard room;
walls, floor and ceiling,
bare and longing that You might compose Your dreams there.

That You might fill the empty space.

I have of my own will, before now;
but the intention of the characters is qualified by the author,
not merely the lean and weight of the hand.

Penmanship I wear well,
but I am not You.

I am not the night sky,
swelling with depth;
Effervescent glitter,
swallowed in immortal midnight blue.

I am not the light of day,
spilling gentle charity over earth and flesh;
bathing heart and fear with invincible warmth.

I am not benevolence.
Benevolent, Yes.
But who of the two of us calls goodness their offspring?

You are good.
Only You.

Hope; what perilous endeavor.

What treacherous footing to tread
on the path to promises fulfilled.

But You are sure.
Though my eyes dare not see,
You are sure...

And the risk is to hope at all.

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