Saturday, January 11, 2014

in time.

If I were wind, I'd lift your wings
or arms, or heart, or other things.

I'd take your hand, and draw you close,
make gravity loose its tethering hold.

And high we'd go, outside our dreams,
to find the truth beyond our means.

Blind to boundary and all of it's lying,
free to be wind and carry you flying.

If I were light, I'd fill your frame,
warm you're heart, whisper your name.

Remind your thoughts of where they began,
convince your faith your more than sand.

I'd sing the song inside your bones,
resonate the forever sound of home.

Citizens of the sky we'd be,
if I were light and you believed.

If I were time, I'd lift you out,
so space was less of what life was about.

I'd peel back stars and layers perceived,
I'd close your eyes and help you to see.

I'd stop the gears and trickling sand,
I'd place universes in the palm of your hand.

All things you'd hear, and know, and feel,
and rest to know time is only partially real.

If I were hope, I'd have no foe,
undefeated, immortal, and I'd have you know.

I'd be permission to do all sorts of things,
to fly on the wind, take time on your dreams.

I'd let sunlight wake you too late in the day,
give second chance to things you might say.

There'd be no barrier or impossible wall,
if I were hope, and you did not feel small.

If I were you, I'd love me so much.
I'd relish the power in my words, my touch.

I'd know just how needed and wanted I am.
I'd harness the wind with only my hands.

If I were you, I'd relinquish the fight,
believe I was born of the beauty of light.

If I were you...
but I am not.

And sweetly swept amidst space and time, 
sailing change and defying mind,
we are bleeding hearts received as gold,
in the treasury of the known and bold;
coursing beneath a skin well trained,
grace and its glory in restricted veins.
Eternity written like fire in flesh,
consuming ideals, admiring the mess.

And I'll go to my grave and beyond it to sow
this seed in your heart...

 and in time, you'll know.