Friday, July 29, 2011

flesh and dust.

It has been so long...
and we've come so far together.

In the roaring cement waterfall,
my words drift on forgotten winds.

But You haven't forgotten a thing, have You?

The rise and fall of kingdoms;
war and reign; loss and victory.
Like testimony of grandeur long past,
I've stood with You atop the rubble of their walls.

Eyes closed in willed establishment against a river of remembrance...

In the darkness behind them, I do remember.
I'll always remember.

Oh how this flesh would love to affirm the feared abandoment,
and give voice to its cogency as my due verdict.

It's all the same stuff, flesh and dust.

I can hardly tell the difference between flesh clothing the hand extended
toward You and the cavernous fractures in the arid desert floor that meets my knees.

I am withered,
but surely not alone.

It's the memory that escapes from my clenched eyelids to
moisten the earth it falls to,
that makes a liar of this carnal frame...

You will neither leave me, nor forsake me.

You know me.
You hear me.
You have not forgotten a thing.

I feel You, like skin, enclosing what could not clothe itself.

I feel the blood again...
heartbeat...after heartbeat...

You make all things new.

Hello, old friend. Well done, good and faithful...
My heart breaks to know You're still with me.

It has been so long, and we've been so far.

But it would seem I've finally grasped the distance.
I've finally arrived at together.

Thank You for together.
I have, and will, love You back.

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