Tuesday, July 26, 2011

broken; made whole.

If here is the easiest place, I want to be alive somewhere else;
beyond the company of its memory.
Here is without you.

And you are a part now.
The steady rhythm hidden in my chest listens for your voice;
rising at the timbre, slowing in the absence.

I wonder often if you know that you still make me nervous.
What a brilliant enchantment; 
heart recklessly infatuated, stomach dancing the anticipation...
hand searching for yours.

Who am I?
That you would choose me; let me try to love you.
Only one other ever afforded me the grace...

but then again, He affords it to all who'd have it.

But you...
you chose one. 

To one.

You let me be the only...
It's all I ever wanted.

If here is without you, it is not the easiest place.
No one promised easy.
Here is for you. 
Here is about then. 

Here is for always.

Steady rhythm, hidden in my chest..
rising quickly, falling with measure.
It felt you, and set awry its course...

rising quickly, falling in love.
Now the blood gets where it needs to.

thank you.
forever...thank you.

broken; made whole.

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