Wednesday, July 20, 2011

undiscovered. [for my sisters]

There is an ache inside of me that is bigger than I am.
I have only to burst at the seams; to relieve the pressure.
Resolution and water bleed from my eyes together.

Gratitude. Longing that you would have what you deserve.
For now, a heart rent and the warmth on my face will have to be voice enough.

They may not, but I know you.

Simple compassion and courage burn in your veins;
hearts formed in fire, injustice long-suffered.
Selflessness is lived before it's ever learned.
Let alone given away.

I remember...
every turning of face toward forgiveness;
every joy made from ashes;
every rejection rendered helpless;
every way you chose to love...

I remember.

Hidden between years and familiarity,
you have yet to be discovered.
Time would do away with the wonder;
Oh, closeted not forget.

I know how He fights for you.
I know how He feels what you do.
I know Him.
I know He has not lost hope.

There is too much still for you,
too much still within you.
Expression falls short now.

Maybe its better...I don't know what longing I hurt for, exactly.
But I know that I will pour myself out,
fill the heart of heaven with words,
until you have what you're worth..

until you know how it is you are loved.
Until you know how it is you deserve to always be..
Until you've believed that you are undiscovered.


  1. Aahh Levi! You are spot on. This is my heart, this has been my cry.

  2. Beautiful Levi! Thanks for the morning tears. Love you!!!